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How to Build a Pyramid

Brad Dwyer
An article by Brad Dwyer
Published: August 12, 2007

The basic 2x1 pyramid is a staple in any show skier's toolbox. Almost any larger pyramid can be broken down into a series of combined two one pyramids. It is also the easiest pyramid to build.

Waterskiing pyramids are named by their dimensions (measured in people) from bottom to top. So a 2x1 pyramid (pronounced "two one pyramid") has two people on the bottom and one on top.

The people on the bottom of the pyramid are called "bases" and the ones on the top are "climbers." So this pyramid will consist of two bases and one climber.

Bases should wear wide skis because they will need enough surface area to support themself plus half the weight of another person. The climbers will need skis that they can easily drop.

Each person should have a rope, but the climber's rope will need a dowel because once they are up on top their rope will need to be a bit longer than the rest (their rope needs to span the hypotenuse of the right triangle created between the bottom of the pyramid, the top of the pyramid, and the pylon).

After you have sorted out the equipment situation, you all need to dock start together. The two bases should be on the outside and the climber should be in between.

When you are all up, the two bases should bend their knees and squat so that their thighs are almost a flat surface. The climber should drop her left ski first and place her left foot on the base's thigh. Then she should drop her right ski and place it on the other base. The climber needs to hold on to the bases' shoulders or heads to do anything she can to stay stable.

Once on the thighs, the climber progresses to the shoulders one foot at a time. As you go up, make sure you move out to the dowel on your rope or you will get pulled forward.

All the bases have to do is be sure not to ski away from each other or fall over.

And that's all there is to it! It takes a little bit of practice, but in not time you'll be effortlessly building pyramids like you've been doing it all your life.

When the pyramid is built, the bases just need to be sure to bend their knees when they go over waves because the bounce will be amplified for the climber. Strive to take the waves as easily as possible to make it a smoother ride for the climber up on top.

To come down, the climber just needs to maneuver over and sit on one base's shoulders. When the base lets go of the rope, hold on to the climber's knees so she doesn't topple in to the water. You should gracefully sink to a fantastic finish.

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