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How to Drop a Ski

Learning to drop skis is a prerequisite for building your first pyramid and is also a great way to learn how to slalom ski without going through the cumbersome deep-water learning process.

How to do Dock Starts

How to do a dock start. Dock starts are one of the essential building blocks of show skiing, you will need to learn to do them early on.

Show Skiing

An introduction to show skiing. What it is, and how to get involved.

How To Build A Pyramid

Pyramids are the bread and butter of show skiing, after reading this you will be equipped to build your first simple 2x1 pyramid.

The Course

What is the slalom course and how does it work? This overview will run you through the basics and prepare you for giving it a shot.

The Waterskiing Bicycle

This is what happens when a group of college kids with too much time on their hands finds a bicycle in a lake.

How to Go Over the Wake on Two Skis

Mastering control on two water skis. How to go over the wake, turn, carve, cut, and more. Water skiing for beginners.

How to Stay Up on Two Skis

Good waterskiing form, keep your arms out, knees bent, back straight. Water skiing for beginners.

How to Get Up on a Slalom Ski

Learn to get up for the first time on a slalom waterski Waterskiing for beginners.

Getting Started Water Skiing

All about getting your feet wet for the first time, an introduction to the sport of water skiing.

How to Get Up on Two Skis

Learn to get up for the first time on two waterskis. Waterskiing for beginners.

Featured Magazine

Alliance Wakeboard Magazine

This month's featured magazine is Waterski Magazine.

Waterski Magazine is the waterski magazine. It gives you the scoop on many aspects of waterskiing and wakeboarding. Contains news and professional instruction, plus reviews of all the latest equipment!

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Water Skiing Image of the Week
Tyler Scott ripping through the course.