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How to Drop a Ski

Brad Dwyer
An article by Brad Dwyer
Published: August 13, 2007

Apart from dock starts, dropping skis is the most important thing you will need to learn before building a pyramid. This is only necessary for climbers, so if you are only planning on being a base you don't need to learn to do this (unless you want to learn how in order to learn to slalom).

Before dropping skis, make sure you have a pickup boat to drive around behind you and pick up the skis that will be left floating in the water. And you should also check your local and state laws regarding the dropping of skis. Dropping skis is illegal in several states; our ski team needed a waiver to be allowed to do it.

Skiing on two skis is a prerequisite for dropping a ski. And it would be greatly beneficial to you if you knew how to ski on one since you will need to balance once you have dropped your ski.

There isn't much to this trick. The only thing you have to do differently than normal in order to prepare is to loosen the binding on the ski you are going to drop. If you are right-foot-forward, this will be your left ski. If you are left-foot-forward, this will be your right ski. And if you are building a pyramid (and, hence, are going to drop both skis) you need to loosen the bindings on both feet.

If you are just going to ski on one after you drop the ski, be sure that your front-foot's ski has a back binding to put your foot into.

Dropping the ski is easy. Once you get up, just put your weight on your other ski and pull your foot out heel first. Your ski will fall off just like that. Now just put your foot into the back boot and you're on your way!

If you are having trouble balancing on one ski, read about how to stay up on a slalom. If not, you're ready to build your first pyramid.

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